Jul 8, 2009

The Lonely -Upcoming Graphic Novel

This upcoming Graphic Novel The Lonely,
-written by William Prince- Drawn by Atula Siriwardane, addresses what happens when the unloved gain power.
The idea is that love is a biological imperative, and so the characters (a homeless man, an obese amputee, a hooker, and an infertile old woman) adapt to a lack of love, and their bodies compensate in the face of loneliness with abilities and side effects.

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Feb 6, 2009



Drawn directly with Ball point pen.

Drawn directly with Ball point pen.


Some pages of Comic books I made.

Some of these are published in USA.

Jan 14, 2009

Is the Marvel Style better than working from a Script?

Plot first or “Marvel style”: This method is typically used by Marvel Comics (based on Stan Lee’s working relationships with artists such as Jack Kirby), writer/artist teams who have a strong collaborative rapport.
The plot and page breakdown can be generated by the writer alone, or by the writer and artist together. Then the artist pencils the story, after which the writer scripts the in-panel text — everything but the panel descriptions — to fit the art.
(from http://www.bigredhair.com/work/comics.html)

John Buscema and Roy Thomas are famous for working in this style harmoniously and very successfully on Conan the Barbarian and many others.
When John Buscema was asked
"Do you think the Marvel Style of Synopsis, Art, and Dialogue is better than working straight from a Script.?"
He said..
"Definitely. That's the best way to work. That's the ONLY way to work. A lot of young writers at Marvel will give me a detailed, outlined script. I work with them ONCE-I will not work with them again. Because I want something to work with. I don't want to be straight jacketed into a corner, and told how many panels I have to work with, and what they are doing in each panel. I love the freedom that Marvel gives us with the synopsis.
That's the best way."

I think that...
It depends on both the writer and the artist and their mutual trust in the ability and the interest in working in this style..
I think there is more creative opportunity in this style than working from a script..
And I like the idea that writer writes dialogues and captions which is suitable for the actions and expressions I draw.
I usually show the thumbnails to the writer so that he can add his views. I would show pencils with text too, if he had provided me with dialogues and captions. I think if the artist and writer works using the best aspects of this style it can enhance the efect and the quality of the comic book to a much higher level than drawing from a script.

A Facebook note on the same topic with a lot of comments by Writers and Artists.

Jan 11, 2009

Original art lovers and collectors,. Are they same?

Today I talked to Jamo Nezzar....A Great Fan of Dale Keown.
He has a Great collection of art gallery at Comicartfans.com.
His views of Original art collection and art market are very interesting. I too think that Original art is not sold now for art alone. It has become a field where some buy art as investment. It helps artists in a way but it is a shame and as an insult for an artist. I think an artist would love most to see someone enjoys his art. I personally like if a collector do not resell. I like if someone else buy it for a higher price because he likes it.
I wouldn't like to hear someone tell me that " I paid this much and won your art in an auction and hope to sell it soon for a much higher price... See, you are becoming more popular."
It is sad that someone spend money on art only to earn more money...
But that's the trend.