Jan 11, 2009

Original art lovers and collectors,. Are they same?

Today I talked to Jamo Nezzar....A Great Fan of Dale Keown.
He has a Great collection of art gallery at Comicartfans.com.
His views of Original art collection and art market are very interesting. I too think that Original art is not sold now for art alone. It has become a field where some buy art as investment. It helps artists in a way but it is a shame and as an insult for an artist. I think an artist would love most to see someone enjoys his art. I personally like if a collector do not resell. I like if someone else buy it for a higher price because he likes it.
I wouldn't like to hear someone tell me that " I paid this much and won your art in an auction and hope to sell it soon for a much higher price... See, you are becoming more popular."
It is sad that someone spend money on art only to earn more money...
But that's the trend.


  1. Yes, there is definitely a difference. I would like to think that I am on side of "Art Lover". I can't see myself ever getting rid of any of my commissions, that's why I tend to lean towards commissions instead of published original art.

  2. If it were a Venn diagram, with art lovers being one circle and art collectors being another, there would be some ovelap! I think I fall in the overlap section, I have hundreds of pieces of original art, and I've never once purchased art speculating that I could sell it for a higher price.

  3. I think if a collector is buying only for reselling that too helps at least the artist alone...and yet he can have some hope too.
    What hurts is the knowledge that the collector paid for what he does not enjoy. It is like selling to a Robot and still earn money but no joy. Only solace is the hope that it will find its way to a real art lover, one fine day.