Apr 21, 2010

Pay Only for the Work You Really Need

Full time employees cost 1.5 times their salary in overhead.
Flexible freelance staffing lets you control spending so you can maximize your resources.

Discover More Flexibility: Now is the time to change your recruitment strategy:
 Independent workers make up 30% of the nation's workforce -
and almost half of all businesses are now home-based.

Leverage the power of highly skilled specialists
who have the self-starter motivation to succeed:
Use freelance experts instead of adding staff to mobilize on efficiency
and talent without the full-time burden or expense.

Protect Your Stability: Safeguard substantial savings
throughout your organization by hiring freelance:

* Contain costs related to taxes, healthcare and other benefits;
* Avoid delays and interruptions from vacation, sick leave or FMLA absences;
* Decrease office construction, leasing and maintenance expenses;
* Lower energy, utility and equipment bills;
* Minimize payroll allocations for worker's compensation and unemployment insurance;
* Reduce your risk for employment-related legal claims.

Maintain a Lean Enterprise:
Staff on a project-oriented basis
to minimize waste and maximize on effectiveness:

* Expand and contract your workforce based solely on active project needs;
* Reduce turnover and training costs;
* Shorten project turnaround time by leveraging time zone differences;
* Pay only for finished work that satisfies you completely (with Guru's Escrow Services).

Hire Freelance and Start Saving Today!

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