Oct 15, 2015

Storyboard -Quest

We begin our scene with two men
dressed in suits waiting by an office desk.

a young male with a strong posture & medium build;
dressed in a tailor fit grey/white suit.
He taps his nails constantly on the desk impatiently.

standing by his right is whistling with confidence;
an unhealthy man shown by his large build.
His hair neatly combed and a mischievous smile across his face.

In enters a man, his shadow formed across the wall;
a devilish figure is seen for a slight moment.

He is dressed in an all-white suit along with a red tie.
He stands tall with a hair so blonde.

He walks with such pace as if he is floating towards both men.
 The very picture of respectability in a frightening way.
An evil smile forms across his face as he walks towards them;
He hands Michael a letter....

...and continues to walk on towards Eddie. Michael opens the letter

...reveals the top of it, it reads;
“Thank you for your application. We regret to inform you”.

Michael rips the letter in anger...

.....and throws it on the floor.

A bash of laughter is heard from afar;
Eddie and John are shaking hands.

They both look towards Michael as he walks towards the elevator.

They continue to laugh; an evil laugh it is.

Michael continuously taps the elevator button;

he looks to his right to see a table with assortments/utensils on it;

he looks to the left/right of him to see if anyone is looking;

he picks up a knife and slides it under his sleeve.

EDDIE Thank God my friends the V.P of this place.
JOHN God had no part in this;

.......this was all me. Remember who it is you serve friend!

Eddie smiles; shakes John’s hand once more

....walks towards the elevator with a cheeky grin on his face.

Michael  Eddie stand side by side at the elevator.

The doors open both enter.

The ordinary lift music is silently playing in the background.
Both Michael and Eddie stand side by side;
Michael has a masochistic look on his face.

Eddie cheekily turns to Michael and offers his hand to shake,
Michael stares with the same expression;

Eddie turns away and continues to smile.

Michael slowly rolls the knife from under his sleeve; he plans his attack.

All of a sudden the elevator shuts down;
the sound of as if a generator blew;
the lights go off.

Moments later, the lights of the elevator power back on.
Michael is left standing in the elevator alone;
he looks confused as to what’s happened.

He stares at the elevator buttons
and see’s the “up” button lighten up, he presses it.

The elevator begins to move and as it is moving the elevator music begins
however this time the music will be something similar to the sounds of choir music heard in a church;
in representation of heaven. The lift stops and the doors open.

 As the doors open, a ray of white light consumes the elevator
and a shadowy figure can be seen.
The figure of an angel with its wings spread open.

Standing next to Michael is an angel; she forms the appearance of a beautiful woman; her wings can’t be seen anymore and she is dressed like an ordinary secretary/office clerk. She stands by Michael’s right shoulder. Michael is awestruck by her magnificence; she smiles and touches his shoulder.

Upon touching Michael,
a series of photo shots are shown to him foreseeing his future.
Michael is holding a woman and smiling at children;
their faces are blurred in the photo.

The shots continue...

The Angel stands by Michael; she looks at him and smiles;
Michael is still overwhelmed by her beauty.

The elevator doors open
and just before leaving she turns to Michael
and kisses him on the cheeks.

He gawks as she leaves; the doors close.

The music is different, more frightening.
Michael is anticipating on the opening of the door.

Michael now presses the highlighted“down” button, the elevator begins to move.

The music is different, more frightening.
Michael is anticipating on the opening of the door.

The elevator doors open to an array of fiery colours, 
it consumes the elevator. 
A devilish shadow appears, the same shadow we saw earlier.

Standing on the left of Michael is John but this time
he is wearing a red suit with a black tie.

His eyes widen, he smiles at Michael;
the portrayal of evil in its purest form.

He touches Michaels left shoulder;

Michael is frightened by his approach.

Again a series of images are shown of Michael’s future;
images of power,

money and women consume his thoughts;
he is surrounded in his desires.

A mischievous smile fills across Michaels face;
he looks towards John and nods his head as if he is in a trance.

 The elevator doors open and just before leaving;
John turns towards Michael and leans into kiss him,
Michael breaks away.

The elevator comes to a halt and the music stops.
Michael slips the blade into his pocket and extends his arms to Eddie.
MICHAEL Congratulations on your new job
Eddie returns the hand shake and smiles.

The elevator doors open and Eddie leaves.

Michael moves towards the elevator doors
to leave and then enters an attractive secretary. 

He waits back and looks at her.
He’s fascinated by her beauty; the secretary looks at Michael and smiles.

The secretary leans into kiss Michael, the elevator door closes. 

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